The Website

For anyone who is interested…

…this page says something about the “back end” of the GBG365 website.

At the time of writing (3½ months after I started) the site is still under construction, so expect this page to keep pace with site developments.

First of all, the site is powered by WordPress.

The theme is called Darkroom and comes from the good people at Photocrati. I’ve been in and played around with the CSS coding a little so it doesn’t look quite the way Photocrati’s Darkroom does out-of-the-box.

Apart from these major elements, the site also uses a number of plug-ins.

There are a number of other plug-ins that I’m trying out. As I decide to keep using them I’ll add credits here.

I’d also like to thank the following friends and fellow web-weavers/photographers for advice in respect of software for the site and for encouragement and support in the endeavour. Click on their names to visit their sites and enjoy some other, often very different photography!

Kristina Svensson
Hilary Wardhaugh