Campaigning season

My thanks to guest photoblogger Annicka Carlund of Hönö for keeping the site warm for me these past 10 days. You can see all Annicka’s pictures in a special gallery here.

English language promo video

English language promo video

In focus next week: the Gothenburg Book Fair and the launch of my crowd funding campaign to finance My Gothenburg Days / Dagar i mitt Göteborg. You might say it was the start of my “campaigning season” as I have a season of 45 days from 24th September to try and raise 160,000 Skr.

During the Book Fair I will be helping out on the stall run by Egenutgivarna – Sweden’s association of indie and self-publishing authors. You’ll find the stand at A03:50. At the stand you’ll be able to see examples of some of the photos in a presentation file that is approximately the same size as the book will be and (if I’m there) talk with me about the book and the campaign.

I will be presenting My Gothenburg Days/Dagar i mitt Göteborg and the campaign…

outside the Book Fair at Litteraturhuset (near Esperantoplatsen) from 8.35 on Friday morning (26th September). This presentation will take the form of a 15 minute illustrated lecture.

during the Book Fair at the Egenutgivarna stall A03:50 from 10.30 on Saturday morning (27th September). This presentation will take the form of an interview (me being interviewed).

Promo video på svenska

Promo video på svenska

I am also very open to meeting with you and perhaps your book circle to present the book and the campaign. Please get in touch by commenting here or on the Facebook page, or by using this website’s contact form.

Please also view one or other of the videos (click on the illustrations here).

As soon as the campaign goes live I’ll add a link to the campaign page here.


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