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Early autumn colours - Medicinaregatan

Early autumn colours – Medicinaregatan

Early autumn colours – left to right: an oak, an ash and part of a beech tree catch the sun at the end of the carpark at the top of Medicinaregatan … Continue readingEarly autumn colours – Medicinaregatan

Gnome at home 1

Gnomes at home

Gnomes at home in this little allotment house in Ängårds odlareförening on the way down into Annedal from Medicinaregatan. … Continue readingGnomes at home

Early autumn colours - Guldheden

Early autumn colours – Guldheden

Guldheden from the carpark at the head of Medicinaregatan. In the foreground, the little “huts” in Änggårdskolonin (allotments), in the background to the right Guldheden’s northern watertower, now converted into student flats. … Continue readingEarly autumn colours – Guldheden

Faceted crystal

Faceted crystal

The wares of a curio shop on Haga nygatan through a vase of faceted crystal. … Continue readingFaceted crystal

Early autumn colours - Haga kyrkan

Haga kyrkan

The evening sun illuminates the southern side of Haga kyrkan – Haga church. Possibly not a sight we may be seeing for a few years as a major underground rail engineering project will be passing by this very spot in an opencut trough in the not too distant future. … Continue readingHaga kyrkan

Girls on bikes

Girls on bikes

Street photo on Vasa Viktoriagatan – two girls on bikes reflected in the door and window of a car. … Continue readingGirls on bikes

Early autumn colours - Linné

Early autumn colours – Linné

The sun spotlights young trees in early autumn colours on Linné gatan, beyond Haga skolan (now housing the arts co-operative cinema Folkets Bio) and the buildings and streets rising up behind in an afternoon haze. … Continue readingEarly autumn colours – Linné