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Fairy lights

Fairy lights

Another double-exposure, this time of some of the Christmas fairy lights in the Nordstand shopping centre. In this picture I first took a fairly crisp, focused picture of the lights, then superimposed on it a wildly out of focus photo of the same image. I thought it was more interesting. … Continue readingFairy lights

Christmas choir

Christmas choir

All this season, fighting wind and rain, choirs have been performing at “the singing Christmas tree” on Drottningtorget. … Continue readingChristmas choir

Lights behind a rainy window

Seasonal lights, seasonal rain

Seasonal lights behind a seasonally rainy window. These little triangles of electric candles – reminiscent I feel of menorah – are everywhere in Sweden at Christmas – they come up at the beginning of December and stay until mid-January. Current weather conditions are less than wintery – but very Gothenburgish. … Continue readingSeasonal lights, seasonal rain

Torchlight at Götaplatsen 2

By torchlight at Götaplatsen

A final post with living flame to complete my series for the four Sundays in Advent.

Now in the darkest time of the year torchlight processions are popular, but what these people were doing gathered on the steps at Götaplatsen in the wind and rain on Friday evening I really don’t know. It looked like they might be a choir, but they didn’t sing. They seemed cheerful enough though. … Continue readingBy torchlight at Götaplatsen

Bare trees and a green winter

Bare trees, green winter

Bare trees, grey, on a slope beyond a dry stone wall by Mölndalsån – the grass and moss is green from all the rain and above zero temperatures we’ve been having recently. … Continue readingBare trees, green winter


Grebe on Möndalsån

Above: Looks like a Slavonian grebe – Podiceps auritus – swimming alone in the rain on Möndalsån, the stream that runs north through Mölndal to Gothenburg.
Below: The same bird, closer, lighter but (even more) out of focus. … Continue readingGrebe on Möndalsån

Fresh Chalmers

Fresh Chalmers

Close-up of the lights and windows of one of the buildings of Chalmers University of Technlogy at Lindholmen with Christmas decorations. … Continue readingFresh Chalmers