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Photographs showing identifiable places in and around Gothenburg

The king and the Christmas tree

The King and the Christmas tree

The annual Christmas tree has come up in Gustaf Adolfs Torg in central Gothenburg. From this angle it looks a little as though the King is unhappy about where they put it. He seems to be saying: Not there! Here! … Continue readingThe King and the Christmas tree

Flagpole with sea unicorns

Flagpost with sea-unicorns

Gold-leaf covered sea-unicorns at the base of one of the flagposts in Gustav Adolf’s Square. Grey and heavy sky. … Continue readingFlagpost with sea-unicorns

Steamy Cafe Nina

All steamed up

It must be cooking! Steamed up windows at Cafe Nina on Stigbergstorget. … Continue readingAll steamed up



The old Lyckholms brewery out towards Mölndal. Long closed, now it’s hired out as commercial space, workshops or practice rooms for local bands – under re-development. This is a view I have of it most days on my way to work. … Continue readingLyckholms

In to the mountain

Into the mountain

A number 6 tram disappears into the mountain under Johannaberg on its way up to the Chalmers campus on a grey morning in Gothenburg. … Continue readingInto the mountain

Häcken sunset

Hedge and monolith

The monolith I take to be one of the pylons for the floodlights that will illuminate Häcken Football Club’s new stadium now under construction at Rambergsvallen; the hedge is the little bush in foreground sillhouette in the picture below. At the same time, translate “Häcken” literally to English and you have “The Hedge”. … Continue readingHedge and monolith

Gnome at home 1

Gnomes at home

Gnomes at home in this little allotment house in Ängårds odlareförening on the way down into Annedal from Medicinaregatan. … Continue readingGnomes at home