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Hansel and Gretel on Ice at Liseberg Winter 2015

Hansel and Gretel

[dot_recommends] It’s been over a year since my last post here, and this is not to announce that I am resuming daily posts. However I am back in Gothenburg forContinue readingHansel and Gretel

Christmas window decoration

Christmas window display

As my last photo for 2013, I can’t resist sharing this last Christmas window display from a toy shop on Haga Nygatan – dolls dressed as Lucia (with crown) and stjärngosse (star boy – the one with the conical hat) on a sleigh pulled by a deer with a snowman behind.

Happy New Year, everyone! … Continue readingChristmas window display



The statue of Gustaf II Adolf (aka Gustavus Adolfus) founder of Gothenburg is missing from the main square at present, undergoing restoration. In the meantime this version of his plumed hat and pointing finger is floating in the Hamnkanal.

For two tourist-style photos of Gustavadolf’s statue (from last year) click here.

While I was taking the above photo, this young man got down on his knees to worship the statue …

…or perhaps he was drunk and throwing up. Not sure.
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Jul on Kungsgatan

Jul on Kungsgatan

Concluding (probably) my series of photos of Christmas decorations this dark, wet and windy Christmas – these are the Christmas – Jul – decorations on Kungsgatan. Photo taken on the way to see The Hobbit (part 2) at about 9 pm Friday 27th December. … Continue readingJul on Kungsgatan

Reindeer lights

Reindeer lights

Christmas reindeer lights in the yard of Kronhuset – one of the oldest buildings in Gothenburg … Continue readingReindeer lights

Lights at the Centralstation

Lights at the Centralstation

The arm of this twisted metal sculpture embraces the spot-lit tree behind and beyond the cascade of yellow lights in the upper window of the main hall of the Centralstation.

The sculpture is called Bohuslän, datyes from 1983 and was made by Claes Hake. … Continue readingLights at the Centralstation

Hear no, see no

See no evil

Illuminated sculpture of three figures illustrating the saying ‘Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’. The figures are on poles in Drottingtorget in front of the Post Hotel. When switched on, they each change colour – dramatically against the night sky.

These figures previously appeared in a daylight photo on this website (taken with the old camera) in November 2012.
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