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Älv Snabben 5

Ferry in the snow

[dot_recommends] The snow started to fall yesterday evening and continued through the night and for most of the daylight hours today. Älv Snabben 5 is one of the ferry boatsContinue readingFerry in the snow

Hansel and Gretel on Ice at Liseberg Winter 2015

Hansel and Gretel

[dot_recommends] It’s been over a year since my last post here, and this is not to announce that I am resuming daily posts. However I am back in Gothenburg forContinue readingHansel and Gretel

Straw men and goats

Straw men and goats

Straw men and goats – Christmas decorations at Kronhusets julmarknad from the first Sunday in Advent two years ago.

The last few days have seen a blending of new photos and photos from the archives. Yesterday’s photo was new, taken on Friday evening 28th November. Today’s is an archive photo, taken on 2nd December 2012. The reason for the archive plundering has been that I’ve not been taking so many new photos recently. I’ve known for a little while that I was going to suspend publishing this blog at the end of November and that has undermined some of my self-disciplin.

This is the final photo on GBG365. Perhaps not forever, but certainly for a long time. During the next couple of weeks I hope to wind things up with a few News posts – some statistical roundups and final galleries – but no more daily photo posts. In January I’ll be moving to Brussels for a while, so daily photos from Gothenburg would be rather difficult… though perhaps a new Brussels photo blog may come once I’m settled and have my eye in.

Let me take the opportunity now to thank all the people who have visited this site on a regular or occasional basis, and to say farewell – for the time being.

John Nixon, TheSupercargo
Continue readingStraw men and goats

The king and the Christmas tree

The King and the Christmas tree

The annual Christmas tree has come up in Gustaf Adolfs Torg in central Gothenburg. From this angle it looks a little as though the King is unhappy about where they put it. He seems to be saying: Not there! Here! … Continue readingThe King and the Christmas tree

Up and down branches

Up and down branches

Up and down branches reflected in one of the distorting mirrors in Trädgårdsföreningen park. … Continue readingUp and down branches

Wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortune

The chocolate wheel of fortune at the Liseberg fun fair. Winter season. … Continue readingWheel of fortune

Lost glove in autumn

Lost glove in autumn

Another lost glove on a low wall beside a beech hedge. Warning for photoshoppery – this picture combines a flashless photo of the glove and wall with a flash photo of the beech hedge superimposed to bring up the colour of the leaves. … Continue readingLost glove in autumn