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Photographs of unique window displays

Cable car

Cable car

A toy cable car in the window of a sports equipment shop on Magasinsgatan – part of a display for the winter sports season. … Continue readingCable car



Guest photoblogger Annicka Carlund writes:

Förvaring av fiskeredskap i en röd liten sjöbod på kajen. Pittoreskt inslag eller bara vardag för en öbo?

Storage of fishing equipment in a little red boathouse on the quay. A picturesque image, or just an everyday sight for an islander? … Continue readingStorage

Reversed a rea

Reversed a Rea

It’s not always easy to get letters around the right way. Swedish shops advertise clearance sales either with the English word “sale”, or with this abbreviation of the French “réalisation” (though obviously “rea” should be spelt without the a reversed). The shop is Mouche on Västrahamngatan. Photo taken yesterday morning. … Continue readingReversed a Rea

Crystal antiques - detail

Crystal antiques… and Bacchus

Above: A window display of candles, mirrors and crystal antiques on Haga Nygatan. Not the same antique shop as in yesterday’s photo.
Below: A detail from a neighbouring window with a remarkably happy looking porcelain figure of what I take to be Bacchus. … Continue readingCrystal antiques… and Bacchus

Christmas window decoration

Christmas window display

As my last photo for 2013, I can’t resist sharing this last Christmas window display from a toy shop on Haga Nygatan – dolls dressed as Lucia (with crown) and stjärngosse (star boy – the one with the conical hat) on a sleigh pulled by a deer with a snowman behind.

Happy New Year, everyone! … Continue readingChristmas window display

Bicycles through a window

The window of a bicycle sales and repair shop on Haga Nygata. You can only see into the shop through this window when it’s dark out and the lights are on inside. … Continue readingBicycles through a window

Deerstalker in Haga

Deerstalker in Haga

[dot_recommends] A window display of second hand “gentlemen’s accoutrements” – including a deerstalker hat – in a shop window in Haga on the corner of Haga Nygata and Skolgatan.