The Photographs

More about the photographs and rights associated with them

The Photographs
Most blog entries consist of a single image, often with a line or two of text and an indication of where I took it. The place where I took the picture is also plotted on a Google map (which takes a little while to load).

Each blog photograph is an uncropped image (unless otherwise stated). The composition you see is the one I made through the camera’s viewfinder or screen. In almost every case I’ve used the automatic functions of the camera for focus, aperture and depth of field. Afterwards, in my computer, I have used Photoshop only to automatically correct tone and contrast (and sometimes colour). I’ve also sharpened each photo very slightly, exactly as I would if I were going to have them developed. (That’s ‘printed’ for the reader who doesn’t recognise the term ‘developed’ 😀 )

No further trickery.

After processing, I’ve shrunk each picture down to a size of 960 by 720 pixels at 72 pixels per inch. I chose 960×720 because this gives a nice large image on a computer screen. The software I’m using (from Photocrati – see the Website page) compresses the images further so they won’t take quite so long to load. How large the pictures appear to you will depend on the size of the screen you’re viewing them on. The software should respond to the size of the screen you’re using and the pictures should look equally good – though smaller – on mobile phones as on large computer screens. [I’ve yet to see what the new ‘retina’ high definition screens will do to the images. 26/Feb/13]

The rights
The photos are all by me, John Nixon, The Supercargo, and are all marked with a copyright sign, logo and the address of this site. All the photos are also embedded with copyright statements.

I am delighted if you want to share any of these pictures through the social media or by sending a link to a friend by e-mail. I’ve tried to make it easy to let you do so. [It’s also now possible to “like” a post by clicking on a heart under the image! 26/Feb/13]

If you want to use one of my pictures on your own private or not-for-profit homepage you can do so if you don’t crop it or mash it up, and if you include the blog post’s permalink or a link back to my front page. I’d also appreciate you telling me. Use the contact form please. (If you don’t know how to get past the right-click block, or if you prefer, I can provide a copy of the picture so you can incorporate it into your site. I might also be interested in exchanging links.)

If you want to use one of my pictures for any other purpose – for example:

  • on a commercial site
  • without the copyright notice
  • in print

Please contact me! I am sure we will be able to come to an agreement.

I can also take photographs just for you!

John Nixon, The Supercargo