Privacy seeks to conform to the Swedish law governing the collection and holding of personal information in a database, Personuppgiftslagen.

For more information about Personuppgiftslagen as it applies to publishing on the Internet visit this site (only in Swedish): Datainspektionen

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E-mail addresses
In three instances on the site you are asked to provide your e-mail address:

In the first instance, you have to give your real e-mail address or the software will not be able to let you know when a new photo has been posted to the blog.

In the second instance, a real, functioning address is strictly necessary only if you want to receive notification of responses to your comment or when other people comment on the same picture. In other words, if you wish, you can fill in the required slot with a false address and still see your comment posted (unless there’s something else about the comment that suggests it’s spam).

In the third instance you have to give me your real address so I can reply.

In accordance with Swedish law, I undertake to keep your e-mail addresses in my database only for as long as you permit me to do so. If you Unsubscribe from the subscription list, your e-mail address will automatically be erased from my list (after you have been invited to confirm your Unsubscription).

Real e-mail addresses used to register comments or contact me I will retain in my database for no more than one year after the last time you have used the address to register a comment/write to me. I will, of course, remove your address from my database before this if you write asking me to do so.

I reserve the right to use the e-mail addresses you share with me, from time to time, to send you other information about my websites, blogs and services, but I promise never to share my address list with anyone else, or use it to spam you.

Identifiable portraits
The photoblog will from time to time include photgraphs of individuals who can be identified. I shall do my best to get the permission of anyone I photograph to publish their pictures in the blog, but sometimes this simply won’t be possible. Furthermore Personuppgiftslagen allows for the publishing of photographs of people in blogs and on the social media as long as one does not insult, offend or wound the person depicted. (Publicering av till exempel namn och foton på personer på bloggar och sociala medier är i princip alltid tillåten så länge man inte kränker personen.)

Should you discover yourself in a photograph on this blog, and if you are offended by it, please contact me. I will of course remove the picture directly.

Some of the software that make this site work will place cookies on your computer. Cookies are small text files that, for example, record information about your computer and report back when your computer logs on to certain sites on the Internet. Very many Internet sites use cookies; few give you any warning or the option to refuse. The cookies placed on your computer by my software are intended to collect statistical information (so I know, for example, if you are a new visitor or an old friend).

If you do not wish to have cookies lodged on your computer you should set your browser to block cookies or warn you when cookies are being placed. Each browser (Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc) has different settings, you should check the settings used by just your browser. Be warned, though, blocking cookies can reduce the quality of your Internet experience!

It is also possible (and what I would personally recommend) to erase from your computer all the cookies you have picked up, for example, once a week or once a month. Again, your browser will have tools to help you do this.

To contact me about my privacy policy, please use the Contact Form.

John Nixon, The Supercargo