The GBG365 Project

GBG365 is a photo project started on 1st September 2012. In this project I aim to publish one photograph for each of 365 days of a year. The photos will all be taken within the Gothenburg area, but I’m casting my net wider than just the city in order to include the possibility of rural as well as urban images and to embrace the sea with its islands and the river with its traffic. For me, and I think for most Gothenburgers, Göteborg is the sum of all these elements.

I’m not setting out to take as well as publish a photo each day, but I shall try to publish each photo within a week of taking it. On days when for some reason I cannot take a picture, I shall publish equivalent images from my archives and I’ll try to match them with the day, week or season. (So a photo from 3rd November 2007 may appear a period from 29th October to 5th November 2012.) Gradually I hope to build up a collage of pictures that show GBG from as many of its sides and in as many of its guises as I can.

Of course I’ll be carrying one of my cameras with me whenever I go out, but to try to make sure I cover as much ground as possible – and to save me from favouring my home neighbourhood or the city centre – I have a plan to make occasional photo expeditions to parts of Gothenburg chosen by chance. I’m not sure how that’ll work out, but I hope it’ll make for variety.

This project is entirely for my own pleasure, to get me back into the habit of photography and to challenge the lackuster feeling I’ve had about my vision since my skiing accident. If the pictures I take give pleasure to visitors, that will be an added bonus. (And I’d be delighted to read any comments you may care to leave.)

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Thank you for your interest …

The project came to an end in November 2014 with a very few extra photos after that. It ran for 28 months. I am slowly merging this site with my main website at TheSupercargo. [25 August 2018]

John Nixon, The Supercargo