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Kids overexposed

Kids overexposed

Overexposed photo of kindergarten kids crossing a road at Brunsparken. … Continue readingKids overexposed

Snow falling on the Christina Church

Snow falling on the Christinae Church

Snow falling on the tower of the Christinae Church – also known as Tyska kyrkan (the German Church) – framed by the bow of a lamppost in central Gothenburg, Sunday morning. … Continue readingSnow falling on the Christinae Church

Korsvägen and Liseberg distorted

Fish-eye view

A fish-eye view of the Korsvägen public transport junction and the Liseberg ferris wheel reflected and distorted in the (smudged) one-way glass mirror of a security camera installed above an ATM. My current Canon camera is also rather prominent. I like the diagonals on this too. … Continue readingFish-eye view

The mysterious doorway

Mysterious doorway

The sculpture, which stands in the Trädgårdsförening park, is by Pål Svensson and is called “Det hemlighetsfulla porten” which could be translated as “The mysterious doorway”. The door photographed through the sculpture is on the corner of Lilla Kungsgatan and Stora Nygatan. … Continue readingMysterious doorway

Light and four windows

Light and four windows

Lights on the corners of four windows and the facade of the Gothenburg University Environmental Science building. … Continue readingLight and four windows

Old window reflections

Old glass window reflections

[dot_recommends] Sunlit houses on Vrångö reflected and distorted in the old glass window panes of a house in shadow. For a report from the BBC on Vrångö follow this link.Continue readingOld glass window reflections

To the new cemetary

Low winter sun on Vrångö

Above: The low winter sun through the wrought-iron gates of the new cemetary on Vrångö cast a shadow on the stones of the gateway.
Below: The path to the new cemetary on Vrångö, the gatehouse and wrought-iron gates in the distance. … Continue readingLow winter sun on Vrångö