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All the photos published in November

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger over Vrångö

Ubiquitous Pirates of the Caribbean version of the Jolly Roger flying over a yard near the Vrångö ferry jetty. Photo taken this time last year. … Continue readingJolly Roger over Vrångö

Slippery when wet

Slippery when wet

These wooden stairs up to a view point on Vrångö don’t look very used – or easy to use. Slippery when wet, to coin a phrase. … Continue readingSlippery when wet

Flagpole with sea unicorns

Flagpost with sea-unicorns

Gold-leaf covered sea-unicorns at the base of one of the flagposts in Gustav Adolf’s Square. Grey and heavy sky. … Continue readingFlagpost with sea-unicorns

Ullevi globe

Ullevi globe

The polished, dimpled steel globe outside the main entrance to the Ullevi sports stadium. … Continue readingUllevi globe

Delivering the post

Delivering post

One of the bas-relief carvings on the facade of the old central post office – now the Post Hotel – an old-time postman delivering post. … Continue readingDelivering post

Steamy Cafe Nina

All steamed up

It must be cooking! Steamed up windows at Cafe Nina on Stigbergstorget. … Continue readingAll steamed up

Drottning Christina

Drottning Christina

Drottning Christina live on stage at Musikens hus Saturday 15 Nov. Anders Blad, Magnus Lindberg, Christina Gustafsson. … Continue readingDrottning Christina