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Hans Hirschi reading 2

Hans Hirschi reading

In the new wing of the city library, author Hans Hirschi reading from his book Jonathan’s Hope during the on-going West Pride festival in Gothenburg. Hans is also the current chair of the Swedish association of independent and self-publishing authors – Egenutgivarna.
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Two ages

Two ages

Two ages of Gothenburg, both now historical: in the background the crossbeam of the now disused Eriksberg traverse crane that straddles the Eriksberg shipbuilding basin, now a marina; and in the foreground the stone that marks the site of the alter of the first church of Karl IX’s Göteborg. Photo taken in Färjenäs park. … Continue readingTwo ages

Shadow carpet

Shadow rug

Newly woven cheerful trasmatta (Swedish rag rug), hanging for display in the sun, the shadow of some leaves falling across it (hence shadow rug). Photos taken on Sunday at Avtryck arts and crafts market at Färjenäs. See also from yesterday and Monday. … Continue readingShadow rug


Walflowers and angels

A couple more photos taken at the Avtryk arts and crafts market at Färjenäs on Sunday.
Above: Ceramic angels by Ulrika Elmberg guard these steps.
Below: Ceramic plates (also by Ulrika Elberg I think) displayed as wallflowers. … Continue readingWalflowers and angels



White lilac frames a private house on a hill at Färjenäs. The lilacs blossomed early this year and caught me out. Now when I took my camera on a lilac hunt so many were blown, but here in the shadow of Älvsborgsbron I found a few still pristine. … Continue readingLilacs

Arts and Crafts window

Arts and crafts

Photos taken on Sunday at Avtryck: an arts and crafts market that took place at Färjenäs over the weekend. Here is a link to a webpage announcing the fair.
Below: In and through one window.

Above: More of the arts and crafts fair.
Below: Reflexions in a window and a mirror.
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Rhododendrons by Valgraven

A rhododendron frames Vallgraven

A flowering rhododendron in Kungsparken frames a part of Vallgraven – the city moat – on a sunny day in late May. … Continue readingA rhododendron frames Vallgraven