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Still winter boatyard 1

Still winter boatyard

In the boatyard at Tumlehed the sailboats and motorboats still crowd together, up on the land, under their winter awnings and tarpaulins. Just a few look as if they may be thinking about the summer. … Continue readingStill winter boatyard

Fishing boat with barnacles

Little west-coast fishing boat

This little, tubby fishing boat is typical for the Swedish west coast – or it used to be. It’s probably used as a shrimper or for fishing for lobsters or crayfish. Also, like the mussel shell on Monday, having problems with barnacles. … Continue readingLittle west-coast fishing boat

Long abandoned speedboat

Long abandoned speedboat

You peer into the rushes (see yesterday’s photo) and something odd catches your eye. Struggle through the stalks, placing your feet carefully so not to sink into the mud, and you realise it’s a long abandoned speedboat. So long abandoned it’s being colonised by moss. … Continue readingLong abandoned speedboat

Bulldog in the floating dock

Bulldog in the floating dock

The ship – a rather large tug I suppose – is called Bulldog as you can see if look close at the signs just above the bridge. It’s always fascinating to see ships in the floating dock – to see how big they are below the waterline. … Continue readingBulldog in the floating dock

Cykel sugen

Cykel sugen?

If you feel “cykel sugen” you feel like taking a ride on your bike. Sugen (“the suction”) is also the name of this building which presumably housed – perhaps still houses – the pumps for a ventilation system. … Continue readingCykel sugen?

Annika's car

Annika’s car

Annika’s car’s headlights sport long, thick eyelashes – clever decoration for a make-up artist’s car. … Continue readingAnnika’s car

Bicycles in the snow

Bicycles in the snow

Bicycles in the snow parked in the stands near Saluhallen (the Market Hall). … Continue readingBicycles in the snow