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Älv Snabben 5

Ferry in the snow

[dot_recommends] The snow started to fall yesterday evening and continued through the night and for most of the daylight hours today. Älv Snabben 5 is one of the ferry boatsContinue readingFerry in the snow

Malmö in Gothenburg


The general cargo vessel “Malmö” moored at Lindholmen. Malmö is Sweden’s third city and there is a degree of rivalry between Malmö and Gothenburg. The “Malmö” is clearly marked with the symbol of Gothenburg City on its funnel, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some jokes about Gothenburg owning Malmö associated with this ship. … Continue readingMalmö

Sailing barge Kolding

Sailing barge

This beautifully restored sailing barge – which is either called Kolding or comes from Kolding in Denmark – was moored in the marina at Lilla Bommen on Friday. Below, looking down into the reflected image of the prow of the barge. … Continue readingSailing barge

Silvertärnan and a forest of masts

Silvertärnan and a forest of masts

The ferryboat Silvertärnan on its way to Bränö in the southern archipelago – behind a forest of masts in the marina at Saltholmen … Continue readingSilvertärnan and a forest of masts

Canoists on Göta River

Canoes on the river

Summer fun on the river with these colourful canoes. These were part of a group of canoists making their way down the river from Lilla Bommen. Photographed from the Älvsnabben public transport ferry. … Continue readingCanoes on the river

Liseberg rides - history

Liseberg rides – a history in a picture

Liseberg rides – a history in a picture. In the background is Balder – Liseberg’s all-wooden rollercoaster that was the major ride of 2003. You can also see, travelling left to right, a train on the Lisebergsbana (1987) and travelling right to left a “log canoe” carriage on the Flume Ride (1973). At the bottom of the picture is a piece of track belonging to the Helix, this year’s attraction. … Continue readingLiseberg rides – a history in a picture

On sun glittered water

On the glittering sea

A little motorboat crossing the sea, glittering in the light of the sun. Off Hönö on Saturday. … Continue readingOn the glittering sea