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Photographs of unique window displays

Manniquin in a red scarf

Manniquin in a red scarf

This manniquin in the window of a shop (NK) on Östra Hamngatan caught my eye – mostly because she has no eyes. I thought she was rather disturbing.

I took this photo – and the display was obviously set up – before the “Hijab outcry” (hijab-uppropet), but consider it my contribution. … Continue readingManniquin in a red scarf

Marimekko reflections

Marimekko reflections

[dot_recommends] A window display of purses from the Finnish fashion design company Marimekko. The window also reflects the facade of the buildings opposite … and the photographer!

Trapped in display case - send help!

Trapped in display case! Send help!

[dot_recommends] A freestanding display case on the Avenue with a rather well-dressed young mannequin trapped inside. At least he has a trumpet.

Gothenburg International Film Festival window display

GIFF window display

[dot_recommends] An illuminated display advertising the Gothenburg International Film Festival in the window of the public transport ticket office at Brunnsparken in the centre of town. The posters flank aContinue readingGIFF window display

Flickorna Karnold's window display

Confectionary at Christmas

[dot_recommends] The Christmas window display at the Gothenburg chocolate maker’s Flickorna Karnold (The Karnold Girls) at Södra Larmgatan 14.