Charles Felix and admirer

Charles Felix and the photographer


A tourist snaps a picture of Charles Felix Lindberg in bowler, walking with his cane across his eponymous Plats.

Charles Felix Lindberg (1840-1909) who never married, seems to have been a quiet and private man. Despite his position as an immensly successful city merchant, he showed in his life no interest in public office. In his will he donated the bulk of his fortune, over two million Swedish kronor, to the city of Gothenburg. It is the largest single lump sum ever to haven been given to the city and worth far more in 1909 than it would be today. His will stipulated the money should be used to embelish the city and many of Gothenburg’s public works of art, parks and gardens have been financed from the Lindberg donation.

(Translated and adapted from the entry on CF Lindberg in Svenskt Biografisk Lexicon.)