Guest photo-blogger Annicka Carlund

A gallery of photos by my first guest photo-blogger, Annicka Carlund of Hönö. Annicka was one of my neighbours at Planket in August and agreed to keep GBG365 ticking over while I was away on holiday in England between 9th and 19th September 2014. This was the first time I had taken a break from publishing daily photos on GBG365 in over 2 years.

Annicka Carlund introduced herself like this:

Jag är hobbyfotograf och bor på Hönö. För det mesta finns någon kamera med när jag går utanför min dörr. Under några dagar skall ni få följa med mig och min kamera runt på Hönö.

I am a hobby photographer and I live on Hönö. I almost always have a camera with me when I step out my front door.For the next few days you will get to follow me and my camera around Hönö.

photocrati gallery

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