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Blooming rose with buds

A blooming rose

[dot_recommends] On the Day of the Rose at Trädgårdsföreningen some roses were in bloom, some in bud and some already blown, but this blooming rose was just perfect.

Wetland flower

Wetland flower

Yesterday this flower was blooming here and there all across the little marshland that forms a part of the Sillvik nature reserve. Mush as I would like it to be something rare, I think it’s probably Menyanthes trifoliata (Bogbean / Vattenklöver). … Continue readingWetland flower

Magnolia blossom

Magnolia in blossom

[dot_recommends] Magnolia blossoms, Haga Kyrkoplan. When the spring comes to Sweden, it comes quickly … and just as quickly leaves!

Flowering cherry macro

Flowering cherry

[dot_recommends] This decorative garden cherry is in full bloom at a time when most other trees and flowers are still sleepily swelling buds.

Spring flowers

Spring flowers in dry grass

[dot_recommends] Spring flowers, escaped from a cultivated bed, break through dry grass in a garden on Gejersgatan. Directly after I took this photo, snow started to fall. Spring isn’t hereContinue readingSpring flowers in dry grass

Sign of spring

Sign of spring

[dot_recommends] This time of year everyone’s on the look out for signs of spring – anything to let us believe the winter will soon be over. One sure sign isContinue readingSign of spring

Orchid macro - white and yellow


[dot_recommends] For International Women’s Day – macro photos of orchid flowers taken in the hot house at the Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg on the first day the orchid house openedContinue readingOrchids