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Wetland green

Wetland green

[dot_recommends] View through the stalks of grass and succulent reeds growing in the waterlogged ground of a sunken spot among the chalk-rich soil of the Sillvik Nature Reserve. The chalkContinue readingWetland green

The green swing

The green swing

[dot_recommends] This green swing for a very small child hangs in a playground on a little hill near Kronhjortsvägen overlooking the E6 motorway and Örgryte’s old church (Örgryte gamla kyrkan).

Angel in the bushes

An angel in the bushes

[dot_recommends] This angel stands among evergreen bushes in the churchyard of Örgryte Old Church. Örgryte is an interesting churchyard to visit. Lots of famous locals are buried here (including, forContinue readingAn angel in the bushes

Green thumb up

Green thumb up!

[dot_recommends] A another lost glove in what seems to be green towling material on the crown of a post on a stairwell in the carpark of the Nordstan shopping mall.

Fallen crab-apples

Fallen crab-apples

[dot_recommends] Cherry-sized crab-apples among the wet and fallen leaves along by the Lärjeån.

Tree decorated with children's dummies

Sacrifice tree

[dot_recommends] The old Norse used to sacrifice to their gods by hanging offerings in a tree. The tradition seems to live on, though dummies (pacifiers) hang here rather than horsesContinue readingSacrifice tree

Green cherry tomatoes on the vine

Green tomatoes on the vine

Ripening in the autumn sun in the glasshouse at Lärjeåns Kaffe och Trädgård (Lit: Muddy Beck’s Coffee shop and Garden). … Continue readingGreen tomatoes on the vine