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Mural/wall painting of runners on the end wall of a house at the corner of Stampgatan and Polhemsplatsen. Please note the green man on the traffic light – it’s OK for them to run across the road! … Continue readingRunners

Strand flower

Strand flower

I don’t know what sort of strand flower this is, but I think it may be a sort of poppy or mallow. It was the only wild flower I saw during my walk around Vrångö, and this was the only focused photo I managed to take because although it was low on the ground the wind was whipping it about. There was one stalk with this flower and one stalk with a seedcase that looked very like the top of a peppershaker. … Continue readingStrand flower

Old window reflections

Old glass window reflections

[dot_recommends] Sunlit houses on Vrångö reflected and distorted in the old glass window panes of a house in shadow. For a report from the BBC on Vrångö follow this link.Continue readingOld glass window reflections

To 1872

Dates on Vrångö

Above: The oldest, weather-worn headstones in the old cemetary on Vrångö. The date on the headstone beyond the broken stone reads 1711. The headstone on the nearside of the broken stone looks to be dated 1706.
Below: I’m not sure I believe it but this Vrångö Viking longboat weather vane claims to be 140 years old.
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To the new cemetary

Low winter sun on Vrångö

Above: The low winter sun through the wrought-iron gates of the new cemetary on Vrångö cast a shadow on the stones of the gateway.
Below: The path to the new cemetary on Vrångö, the gatehouse and wrought-iron gates in the distance. … Continue readingLow winter sun on Vrångö

Vrångö outpost

Flags over Vrångö

Above: Next to a flagpole bravely flying the Swedish flag, an isolated hut perched on the highest top (really not very high) over Vrångö harbour. The hut looks unstable, as though it’s about to slip off.
Below: What has become the world-ubiquitous Pirates of the Caribbean version of the Jolly Roger flying over a yard near the Vrångö ferry jetty.

For a report from the BBC on Vrångö follow this link. … Continue readingFlags over Vrångö



A giant red map pin to mark the spot at Wavrinsky’s plats. The sculpture is called ‘Här’ (Here) and is by Ebba Matz. … Continue readingHere!