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Has anyone asked for me?

Has anyone asked for me?

Metal sheet iron sculpture with the words “Has anyone asked for me?” cut through it, lying on the ground outside one of the wings of the Konstepidemi (Art Epidemic) artists’ collective. I was asking, but no one was home.

Our local paper (Göteborgs-Posten) had led me to believe there was an open day at the Konstepidemin, but they were wrong and the place was largely deserted. … Continue readingHas anyone asked for me?

At the hairdresser's

At the hairdresser’s

January, I’m told, is not a particularly good month for hairdressers. We all got haircuts for Christmas and New Year and after have less interest in – and probably less money to spend on – our crowning glories. But there’s clearly still some work – on Linnegatan. … Continue readingAt the hairdresser’s

Tops op

Tops op

Tops op or Topsho? In the dark period of the year neon signs are more obvious – as is the serendipitous dyslexa of the neon tube. On Östra Hamngatan. … Continue readingTops op

A Cheshire Cat

A Cheshire Cat?

I don’t know whether this is really a Cheshire Cat – it’s clearly not smiling – but it is all head and no body in a very unexpected place high up on a wall at Tredje Långgatan. … Continue readingA Cheshire Cat?