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This is the audience just before the start of the performance of “Un tango avec le Baron” at Folkteatern’s Red Stage. A cctv image of the audience was projected on to a giant screen at the back of the stage. … Continue readingAudience

Ketty Nöel

Kettly Nöel and Koffi Kôkô

Above: Kettly Nöel (of Mali) looking cool and a little guarded directly after dancing the part of le Baron’s consort in the ballet “Un tango avec le baron” at the Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival. She was recieving an award (which the woman who was giving it kept assuring everyone was money).
Below: Koffi Kôkô (of Benin), not quite so cool, who danced the part of le Baron (Samedi).

The ballet seems to have toured Germany before coming to Sweden. The only English language link about it I can find is this on the website of the Hellarau European Centre for the Arts in Dresden. Here is a link to an article about Kettly Nöel from Huffington Post, and one about Koffi Kôkô from Culturebase.net. … Continue readingKettly Nöel and Koffi Kôkô

Sophie Reed

Sofie Reed

Sofie Reed, Swedish-American blues-roots/blues-folk performer, at the Göteborgs Blues venue on SS Marieholm Saturday 17th May. A one-woman band, she played dulcimer, guitar, ukulele and mouth-organ and sang her own and other people’s songs. An exciting and enjoyable performance – much appreciated by the crowd who stood close around the stage making her a bit difficult to photograph. Hence the closeups.

Above: Sofie Reed on dulcimer.
Below: There is really no elegant way to play the mouth-organ. (And there’s always some bastard with a camera ready to catch you doing it.)
Bottom: By way of making up for the harmonica photo.
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Göteborgs varvet 2014

Göteborgs varvet 2014

The Gothenburg half-marathon – Göteborgs Varvet – took place yesterday on 17th May in fine weather and with a record turnout (according to Göteborgs-Posten) our local paper, of 48,202 runners and around 200,000 who stood alongside and watched. This photo taken through the front window of a number 1 tram on Götaälvs bron. … Continue readingGöteborgs varvet 2014

Azalia flowers yellow

Among azaleas

Above and below: Orange and yellow azalea flowers in the Azaleadalen (Azalea Valley) of Slottskogen park. The valley is bright with azaleas now.
Bottom: Macro of azalea leaves backlit by the sun. … Continue readingAmong azaleas

Look right

Look right!

Street art addition to a bus-shelter ad for swimwear seems to be asking the viewer to qustion what they are looking at – or simply to look right. Photo taken at Kungsportsplatsen. … Continue readingLook right!

Folk violin meeting

Folk violins

Folk violin players met up, played together and held masterclasses in conjunction with “dräktbytardagen” which seems to be a) the day winter folk costume is substituted for summer folk costume and b) a market where people into wearing folk dress can buy, sell and exchange costumes. Photo taken in Slottskogen at Gräfsnäsgården on Saturday 10th May.
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