Category: Distorted

Photographs where the image is distorted in some way

No wind

No wind

[dot_recommends] Rain and wind, rain and wind and temperatures a few degrees above freezing. It’s been a fairly typical Gothenburg winter thus far. Here’s a picture from the archives –Continue readingNo wind

New Year Fireworks

Gothenburg’s local newspaper, Göteborgs-Posten – aka GP – has an annual firework display starting at 17.00 on New Year’s Eve. This year, rain clouds hang low over Gothenburg and IContinue readingNew Year Fireworks

Christmas tree with baubles

Christmas Eve

A Christmas tree in the Nordstan shopping centre. The 24th December, Christmas Eve, is the day when Swedes celebrate Christmas. So: God Jul till alla!Continue readingChristmas Eve

Facade of Södra Larmgatan reflected in Pedagogen

Södra Larmgatan reflected

[dot_recommends] The whole of the upper part of the north facade of Södra Larmgatan reflected and distorted in the bowed glass windows of Pedagogen, Gothenburg University’s Department of Education.

Baubles, bangles and beads

Baubles, bangles and beads

[dot_recommends] A stall at the Nordstan Christmas Fair.

Nordstans Torg from above

Nordstan from above

[dot_recommends] The Nordstan shopping mall is already decorated for Christmas. This photo taken from above the 2012 central decorations and through a rain distorting window.

Coming into Göteborg central station

Coming into Gothenburg Central

[dot_recommends] If you look really close you’ll see an early morning commuter train reflected in the mirror.