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High pressure

High pressure

Guest photoblogger Annicka Carlund writes:

Här är det en man som redan tagit upp båten. Nu skall det bort en massa alger som fastnat under botten. Tur att det finns högtryckspruta.

This man has already taken his boat out of the water. Now to clean off a mass of algae growing on the bottom. Good thing there are high pressure hoses.
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After work

After work

After work on the roof-top terrace over John Scott’s Stable on Kyrkogatan – one of the last evenings of summer, perhaps. … Continue readingAfter work

Fredrik Reinfeldt


On 14th September Sweden will be going to the polls to elect a new national parliament (Riksdagen) and new local councils. Yesterday the four leaders of the political alliance “Alliansen” that has governed Sweden for the last 8 years paid a visit to Gothenburg to electioneer and to support their local counterparts. … Continue readingAlliansen

A world in a bowl

A world in a bowl

On Kanaltorget at Lilla Bommen on Sunday, a global picnic – a world food festival with stalls and food from around the world. All reflected – a world in a bowl – in this glass pot of heating water. On the same day, at the same time this photo was taken, the neo-nazi Sweden Party was holding a pre-election rally at Götaplatsen. The global picnic seemed a much better place to be. … Continue readingA world in a bowl

Planket 2014

Planket 2014

The start of this year’s Planket Gothenburg – more than 100 amateur and professional photographers exhibit their work along the palings of Trädgårdsföreningen under the trees facing towards Heden.

Above, my own display.
Below: From my display looking towards Bältesspännarparken.
Bottom: In the other direction towards Trädgår’n – still setting up.

Greetings and thanks to all visitors and to my Planket neighbours Maria Åkfors, Mats Ståhl, Annika Carlund and Anders Nilsson (and mother) who contributed to making this year’s Planket a pleasure!

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Making a dash

A sudden downpour over Fredsgatan – some people are prepared, others resigned, one makes a dash. … Continue readingMaking a dash

Canoists on Göta River

Canoes on the river

Summer fun on the river with these colourful canoes. These were part of a group of canoists making their way down the river from Lilla Bommen. Photographed from the Älvsnabben public transport ferry. … Continue readingCanoes on the river