Chalmers stilt-walkers

Chalmers stilt-walkers


Stilt-walkers. Sculpture at the main entrance to the Chalmers Technical University campus. A man and a woman on stilts in painted bronze. The sculptor is Stephan Balkenhol and the sculpture has stood here since 2003.

I can’t decide if the idea is that engineers and scientists are particularly able to walk on stilts (because of their ability to calculate how best to balance), or if the sort of jobs you can get after graduating from Chalmers are so precarious it’s like walking on stilts. 🙂

This is the sort of photo one takes when one has taken the wrong tram, got off at the wrong stop and realised one has ten minutes to kill (in the cold, cold morn) before the next tram back comes along. I’ll try for a better photo on a sunnier day later in the year.