Gustavadolf again

Gustavadolf 1


Gothenburg icon, the statue of Gustavus Adolfus (Gustav II Adolf) in the central city square that bears his name, is undergoing restoration. Around the scaffolding and protective covers the city has put up enlarged copies of a cartoon strip Gustavadolf by Eric Werner that ran in the local paper.

Above: Gustavadolf standing on his pedestal says “I feel stiff today.” He goes to the health centre and is directed up the moving staircase. In the wiating room he stands on a chair in the same posture as on his plinth. The doctor calls him in. “Hmm,” says the doctor. “Died in 1632! You should have come in earlier – you’ve got bronze in your urine.”

Below: Gustavadolf takes his dog to see Seidon (Poseidon – another Gothenburg icon). “How are you doing?” “Dreadful,” says Seidon. “I’ve had a cold since Christmas and I’ve got tennis elbow! Aren’t you working today?” “On sick leave,” says Gustavadolf. “Bronze in my urine – it’s the stress.” “Some people have all the luck!”


Gustavadolf 3