Punk at Påsk

Påsk is the Swedish for Easter and gives me the opportunity to alliterate. Punk at Påsk because my sister-in-law was playing bass in Tijuana Suicide, who were the warm-up band for The Crunch on Easter Sunday at Brännö värdshus. Low light, loud music, much movement. Not one of the 600+ photos I took were quite in focus, but, hey, this is punk we’re talking about!
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Tijuana Suicide is Christina Gustafsson (bass), Kent Salo (drums), Lena Neugebauer (guitar), Mari-Louise Nilebrink (guitar). This line-up of The Crunch was Sulo Karlsson (guitar, vocals – Diamond Dogs), Mick Geggus (guitar – Cockney Rejects), Terry Chimes (drums – The Clash), Dave Tregunna (bass – Sham69), Idde Schultz (keyboards, vocals – Hovet).

Hard though it may be to believe, punk rock provided my original musical awakening in the late 70s. This evening was a great nostalgic experience. I walked back to the ferry home with my ears ringing – but pleasantly.