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Post Hotel Cafe, Saturday afternoon

In the cafe, Saturday afternoon

[dot_recommends] Backlight on a crowd around tables in the downstairs cafe of the Clarion Post Hotel. Figures almost silhouetted against the light from the window on Drottningtorget.

Snow in the air

Snow in the air

[dot_recommends] Winter sunlight. Street photo of woman with mobile telephone, a tree and Haga Church in backlight, flakes of snow in the air.

Floating leaf with water drops

Floating leaf with water-drops

Backlight at Kopparmara

Backlight at Kopparmärra

This is the traditional place to meet up in Gothenburg. The actual Kopparmärra (Copper Mare) is out of shot, though you can see the corner of its pedestal to the right. It’s a Gothenburg joke. The sculpture on the pedastal is very obviously a stallion. This picture looks towards the under-renovation Saluhallen (Enclosed Market). … Continue readingBacklight at Kopparmärra

Göran Johansson

Göran Johansson

Göran Johansson speaking on Ramberget 4th October 2008 [dot_recommends] At the time I took this picture Göran Johansson was still Chairman of the Council of Gothenburg – effectively the MayorContinue readingGöran Johansson