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Jack Sparrow

Jack sparrow taking an interest in my fika in the sunshine at Villa Bellparc on Saturday. Sparrows may be flying vermin – or small pirates – but this one takes a nice photo. Sparrows – so Wikipedia tells me – don’t have a generic nickname though the Tudor poet John Skelton wrote a poem about Phillip Sparrow. Still, I choose to call this one Jack.

(By the way, a fika is “something to eat with a cup of coffee”.) … Continue readingJack Sparrow

Swan stretching its wings

Swan stretching its wings

This swan was stretching its wings in the water by the ferry terminal at Klippan. … Continue readingSwan stretching its wings

Hunting tern

Hunting tern

This tern was hunting over the shallow water of an inlet on Styrsö yesterday. I watched it for some time, trying to take a photograph. It was dogged by a seagull that was clearly just waiting for the opportunity to snatch away whatever the tern might catch. Then the tern got fed up and turned on the gull. … Continue readingHunting tern

Song thrush (T philomelos)


The song thrush (T. philomelos), is migatory in Sweden, so I’m guessing this is another Sign of Spring. When I took this photo, this bird was one of four hunting assiduously on the grass of Keiller’s Park. … Continue readingFieldfare


Oystercatcher in the sun

An oystercatcher (H. ostralegus) sunning itself on the tarpapered roof of a houseboat on the Quay of Dreams. … Continue readingOystercatcher in the sun



This hen was strutting around the yard, clucking to herself, at the Kättilsröd 4H children’s farm in Hisingspark on Easter Sunday. … Continue readingGinger

Rockin' Robin

Rockin’ Robin

[dot_recommends] This robin, if not exactly rocking was certainly singing its heart out one mid-March morning when I was on my way to town in 2007. An archive photo todayContinue readingRockin’ Robin