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Seagull on guard

Gull on guard

[dot_recommends] A Scandinavian herring gull on an old mooring post in the river, giving me the eye.

Albino pigeon

Albino pigeon

[dot_recommends] This pigeon seems to be an albino – its feathers are white and its eyes and beak are pink. It was sitting with some other pigeons on the backContinue readingAlbino pigeon

Found dead in the gutter

Dead in the gutter!

[dot_recommends] There was not much left of this pigeon but its wings and a cloud of feathers blowing in the breeze. I’m wondering who the perpetrator was – maybe aContinue readingDead in the gutter!

Drinking gull

Drinking gull

[dot_recommends] A gull on drift ice has just taken a sip of water. The water here between the islands at the mouth of the river is less salt, which isContinue readingDrinking gull

Crow in the snow

A crow in the snow

[dot_recommends] Under the trees in Slottskogen the snow was not so thick and this crow was hopping about, picking at the ground. Most birds will turn their back on aContinue readingA crow in the snow

Motion-blurred photo of a magpie in flight

Fast magpie

[dot_recommends] Motion-blurred photo of a magpie in flight across grass, trees and water. This posted in particular for my Australian friends who have magpies … but which are apparently notContinue readingFast magpie