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Lion by moonlight

Lion and moon

Above is the crowned and sword-armed lion that decorates the top of Skansen Lejonet (the Lion Redoubt), taken at night. I admit to a certain degree of Photoshoppery here, trying to remove the worst of the artifacts that creep in with poor light. It gives me the opportunity to include my photo of the moon, below, taken at the same time with the same camera and lense, at the very furthest extent of the optical zoom. … Continue readingLion and moon

Jul on Kungsgatan

Jul on Kungsgatan

Concluding (probably) my series of photos of Christmas decorations this dark, wet and windy Christmas – these are the Christmas – Jul – decorations on Kungsgatan. Photo taken on the way to see The Hobbit (part 2) at about 9 pm Friday 27th December. … Continue readingJul on Kungsgatan

Kristallnacht 3

Kristallnacht – 75 years on

The commemorative protest march for the 75th anniverary of Kristallnacht Рthe Night of Broken Glass Рin Gothenburg, 9th Nov 2013. Between 200 and 300 of us gathered at Götaplatsen outside the theatre (above) and walked down the Avenue (below) to assemble at Bastionplatsen (bottom) to hear speakers from Jewish, Roma, LGBT and immigrant groups, plus David Lega, the wheelchair-borne Christian Democrat member of the Local Council.

The Bastionplatsen meeting took place just up the road from Gothenburg’s Synagogue (to which we were invited afterwards for more music and talk). It also took place in the shadow of Hotel Ritz, just out of frame here to the right, which – under a different name – was the hotel stop of preference for Nazi party members passing through Gothenburg in the 1930s and 1940s. … Continue readingKristallnacht – 75 years on

The tram in the rain

The tram in the rain – motion

[dot_recommends] A sudden skyburst. I hid in the underpass. With no umbrella, what else to do while I waited for the rain to stop? I took photos. This was theContinue readingThe tram in the rain – motion

Clouds drive across the moon

Clouds across the moon

Clouds drive across the moon out on Hisingen near Tumlehed. … Continue readingClouds across the moon