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Window stickers

Window stickers

Electricity cupboards are convenient templates for street art – this, recently decorated with window stickers, is just outside my door. … Continue readingWindow stickers

Autumn colours at Delsjö

Autumn colours – Delsjö

The colours of autumn in the leaves of various trees on an island in one of the Delsjö lakes. This photo was taken exactly one year ago today. … Continue readingAutumn colours – Delsjö

Vitamin well

Vitamin well

Boxes of Vitamin Well bottled water in stock at the Pressbyrån shop at Korsvägen. It’s a sign we’re getting into winter – the lights in the storeroom are brighter than the daylight outside at about 7.30 in the morning. … Continue readingVitamin well

Häcken sunset

Hedge and monolith

The monolith I take to be one of the pylons for the floodlights that will illuminate Häcken Football Club’s new stadium now under construction at Rambergsvallen; the hedge is the little bush in foreground sillhouette in the picture below. At the same time, translate “Häcken” literally to English and you have “The Hedge”. … Continue readingHedge and monolith

Scooter shadows

Scooter shadows

Three young scooter enthusiasts at the skateboard park on Sunday. … Continue readingScooter shadows

Holding up heaven

Holding up the heavens

This tall sculpture – a tall pillar of rock holding a pyramid decorated with blue and gold – is outside the entrance to Burgården school. It was made by Roland Anderson and put up in 1996. The sculpture is called Mut after the godess of Egyptian mythology who was conceived as holding up the heavens. … Continue readingHolding up the heavens

Green glove on a chainlink fence

Thing’s overcoat

It seems Thing from the Addams family has lost his green overcoat and it has climbed up on this fence to look for him. … Continue readingThing’s overcoat