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The Fallen Lamppost

Fallen lamp-post

[dot_recommends] This soldier, light-bearer, cut down, extinguished Photo taken on waste ground by Gustaf Dalénsgatan

Constructing reflections

Constructing reflections

[dot_recommends] Reflected in the muddy waters of Kvillebäcken

Snail on the privet


The snail’s on the privet – all’s right as a trivet! [dot_recommends] Photo taken in the Rose Garden at Trädgårdsföreningen

Bengt Andersson playing

Bengt playing

[dot_recommends] Bengt Andersson, viola-player and author www.altfiol.com Bengt was presenting the subject of his book, composer Knut Håkanson. Photo taken in poor light at Hising’s Library on Wieselgrensgatan

How does this suit me?

How do I look in this?

Human fia (ludo) pieces taking a break in Kvilletorget. … Continue readingHow do I look in this?

Crowding to see Volvo

Crowding to see Volvo

[dot_recommends] Volvo Trucks came to town to promote their “new Series-FH” trucks. There was a crowd in Bältespännare Park

Singing for a friend …

… who was quite embarrassed [dot_recommends] This choir of four, singing, walked across Kvilletorget to where their friend sat and, still singing, gathered around her.