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Locked stripes

Padlocked stripes

The padlocked doors of a row of boat-huts by the side of the marina (once a ship-building dock) just below Lindholmen. … Continue readingPadlocked stripes

Lights at Götaverket

Lights at Götaverket

Buildings at Götaverket in a blue early morning. These buildings were originally offices for the ship building company Götaverket, after the collapse of shipbuilding in Gothenburg they stood dark and empty for years, but with the development of Norra Älvstranden they have come back to life. … Continue readingLights at Götaverket

Baby's bee

Baby’s butterbee

Is this a butterbee? A baby’s soft toy – a colourful creature with the body of a bee, the wings of a butterfly and an anthropomorphic face. The clip that should attach it to the baby’s pram is now holding it on to railings by the side of Sanatoriagatan. … Continue readingBaby’s butterbee

Dead umbrella season

Dead umbrella season

This is the season of dead umbrellas. This particular specimen has been interred in the cleft of a tree, no doubt to save its decomposing carcass from wolves. … Continue readingDead umbrella season

At the riding school

Riding school

[dot_recommends] Girls on horseback – photo taken during riding paractice in a paddock at Skatås. gbg365

Autumn in Keiller's Park

Autumn in Keiller’s Park

Framed by two tree trunks, a park bench in sillhouette and a view across the park – autumn colours and wet leaves. … Continue readingAutumn in Keiller’s Park



This reader I photographed on public transport somewhere in the city. I’ve tried, but I can’t make out the title of the book he’s reading. It’s clearly an older, probably Swedish paperback with deckle-edged pages. … Continue readingReader