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Accordians on the tram

Accordians to work

What can be better than one accordian playing on the tram when you’re on your way to work? Why, two accordians of course! Yesterday these two accordian players boarded the tram and entertained us (whether we wanted it or not) for two stops before going around with a mug and then hopping off. They were cheerful about me taking photos. … Continue readingAccordians to work

Bandana dog

Bandana dog

Bandana dog: I’m guessing the bandana is more of a fashion statement than protection from the rain, but this dog doesn’t seem under the weather even so. … Continue readingBandana dog

Torchlight portrait

Torchlight portraits

Torchlight portraits taken duirng the Kristallnacht demonstration on Saturday evening. … Continue readingTorchlight portraits

Two left gloves

Two left gloves

If you have two left feet I suppose you might also have two left hands, but even then these two left gloves don’t match. Why are lost gloves more often left than right? … Continue readingTwo left gloves

Kristallnacht 3

Kristallnacht – 75 years on

The commemorative protest march for the 75th anniverary of Kristallnacht Рthe Night of Broken Glass Рin Gothenburg, 9th Nov 2013. Between 200 and 300 of us gathered at Götaplatsen outside the theatre (above) and walked down the Avenue (below) to assemble at Bastionplatsen (bottom) to hear speakers from Jewish, Roma, LGBT and immigrant groups, plus David Lega, the wheelchair-borne Christian Democrat member of the Local Council.

The Bastionplatsen meeting took place just up the road from Gothenburg’s Synagogue (to which we were invited afterwards for more music and talk). It also took place in the shadow of Hotel Ritz, just out of frame here to the right, which – under a different name – was the hotel stop of preference for Nazi party members passing through Gothenburg in the 1930s and 1940s. … Continue readingKristallnacht – 75 years on

A seat by the water

A seat by the water

Would you like a seat by the water? This lone, yellow and white tubular-and-plastic chair standing all on its own by the side of the grey-brown river does not really invite you to sit. Not on a day like today at least. … Continue readingA seat by the water

Backa Monument and roses

Roses and candles decorate the Backa Monument that commemorating the 63 young people who died in the Backa discotheque fire on Hallowe’en 15 years ago. … Continue readingBacka Monument and roses