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Yellow weeds

Yellow weeds

[dot_recommends] Weeds among the cobbles of the quay by the Göta river, the low sun throwing their shadows on a flaking yellow sign.

No Smoking In My Opinion!

[dot_recommends] No Smoking IMO (above) An oil tanker (possibly called Dreggen, and with a very visible notice) in dock at Gothenburg’s oil port. Hiss-ingen (below) Hisingen is the name ofContinue readingNo Smoking In My Opinion!

Spring flowers on Slottsberget

Flower rocker

Things to do with an old rocking-chair. In a garden on Slottsberget, Lindholmen. Spring is coming! … Continue readingFlower rocker

Sunshine supercar detail

Sunshine supercar

[dot_recommends] This canary yellow sportscar was pulled up by the side of the road while the driver spoke on the phone. I waved my camera at him and he wasContinue readingSunshine supercar

Kindergartan rope-gang 1

Kindergarten rope-gang

[dot_recommends] In Keillers Park yesterday mid-morning, the sun was shining and a kindergarten class was out enjoying the day. Everyone was well-wrapped because it’s still very cold. After play theContinue readingKindergarten rope-gang

Sign of spring

Sign of spring

[dot_recommends] This time of year everyone’s on the look out for signs of spring – anything to let us believe the winter will soon be over. One sure sign isContinue readingSign of spring

Fallen crab-apples

Fallen crab-apples

[dot_recommends] Cherry-sized crab-apples among the wet and fallen leaves along by the Lärjeån.