Facade of Södra Larmgatan reflected in Pedagogen

Södra Larmgatan reflected

[dot_recommends] The whole of the upper part of the north facade of Södra Larmgatan reflected and distorted in the bowed glass windows of Pedagogen, Gothenburg University’s Department of Education.

A kind of angel

A kind of angel

[dot_recommends] A surprised looking angel just out of a spotlight at Kronhusets julmarknad.

Conversation in the snow

Conversation in the snow

The first snowfall over Gothenburg this winter. [dot_recommends] The Three Graces in Keiller’s Park; falling snow caught in the camera’s flash. [dot_recommends] This sculpture was dedicated a couple of yearsContinue readingConversation in the snow

Choosing a hat

Choosing a hat

[dot_recommends] At Kronhusets julmarknad (the Christmas Market in the Crown House – one of Gothenburg’s oldest buildings).

Serving coffee

Serving coffee …

… or is it something else? [dot_recommends] A military re-enactment club serving something that steams from an old army field kitchen in the yard of Kronhuset during the first dayContinue readingServing coffee …

New Orleans jazz at the Ocean

Possibly called the “Ocean Brass Band”, this combo entertained a full house with New Orleans-style jazz at a picnic concert at Oceanen on Stigbegstorget (Stigberg’s Square) on 30th November. PhotoContinue readingNew Orleans jazz at the Ocean

How the post used to be carried in the north of Sweden

How they brought the post …

[dot_recommends] How they brought the post from Arjeplog to Jokkmokk! Bas-relief decorating the facade of the old Post House on Drottningtorget. A postman in a sleigh drawn by a reindeerContinue readingHow they brought the post …