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Mussel shell with barnacles

Mussel shell with barnacles

This mussel looks like it was old and tasty for the seagull that broke it open. Look at all the barnacles. There was a stretch of grass by the shore littered with these mussel shells which puzzle me until I saw slabs of slate laid as paving stones in the grass. The gulls must have been breaking the mussels open on the stones. … Continue readingMussel shell with barnacles

Long abandoned speedboat

Long abandoned speedboat

You peer into the rushes (see yesterday’s photo) and something odd catches your eye. Struggle through the stalks, placing your feet carefully so not to sink into the mud, and you realise it’s a long abandoned speedboat. So long abandoned it’s being colonised by moss. … Continue readingLong abandoned speedboat

Dry reeds 2

Dry reeds and rushes

We have passed the equinox, but it doesn’t seem to have a made a great difference as yet. My walk by the sea might as well have been taking place in autumn as in spring. These tall, dry reeds with their flying feathered heads give a foresaken, end of the year feel to the day. … Continue readingDry reeds and rushes

Winter aconite perhaps

Winter aconite perhaps?

This was the little yellow wild flower I was so pleased to find on my walk yesterday. The only flowering plant I found – spring is slow coming to these latitudes. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m going to guess winter aconite (vintegäck, Eranthis hyemalis). I’m probably wrong – it seems to have too many petals – perhaps someone can tell me? … Continue readingWinter aconite perhaps?

Nowruz table 1

Happy Nowruz!

Today is Nowruz, the Persian New Year. In the new market hall at Vågmästareplatsen Iranian shopkeepers had set up a Nowruz table. Among other things the table displays sprouting greens (symbol of nature’s reawakening), coloured eggs (symbols of fertility), apples (symbols of the world) and candles (symbols of fire). … Continue readingHappy Nowruz!

Photographer among the cactuses

Photographer among the cactuses

A reflected image of the photographer among the cactuses in one of the glasshouses of the Botanical Gardens. I took this photo last year. … Continue readingPhotographer among the cactuses

Bad hair day

Bad hair day?

Does this count as a bad hair day, do you think? Or could it be a hard-rock hairstyle? In Gothenburg’s Botanical Gardens. … Continue readingBad hair day?