Re-dress the gents

Yesterday Swedish Young Feminists set out to re-dress male statues across the country.

Bältesspännare with young feminist headband


Above, one of the wrestling Bältesspännare got a pink Rambo headband.
Below, Charles Felix Lindberg was kitted out with a stylish scarf.
Bottom, the American eagle at the foot of John Ericsson’s statue looks sharp in his new scarf. Ericsson himself was kitted out with a pink cardigan as a loincloth, but the light wasn’t good enough for a decent photo.

Charles Felix Lindberg with young femnist scarf


John Ericsson's eagle with a young feminist scarf


The Young Feminists (Unga feminister – linked to the Swedish political party Feminist Initiative) carried out their action in a number of towns across Sweden, dressing up statues of males in pink. This was partly to to promote themselves, partly to draw attention to the number of male statues contra female statues in public places. (They didn’t make the point, but most of the female statues in Gothenburg are unclothed, the majority of the male statues are clothed.) See their pictures of the action on Twitter (#1000ungafeminister) and on Instagram @ungafeminister.