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Berger on the tram

John Berger on a Gothenburg tram

On a Gothenburg tram – an older woman in profile reading a book by John Berger – I suspect it’s the Swedish translation of ‘Photocopies’. … Continue readingJohn Berger on a Gothenburg tram

Nordic walking - not

Nordic walking – not!

A single, abandoned Nordic walking stick missing its foot and leaning up against a picket fence near Slätta café in Hisingspark. … Continue readingNordic walking – not!

Slätta duck standing - morning light

Early morning duck

In early morning light, a duck standing on a submerged branch or root, almost in silhouette, reflected in the water of Slätta damm. After yesterday’s concrete duck … … Continue readingEarly morning duck

Sleeping eider

Sleeping eider

[dot_recommends] Fancy concrete traffic blocks in the shape of eider ducks are ubiquitous around Gothenburg, but this one seems to have wandered away from the road. On the other handContinue readingSleeping eider

Sunrise over gasometers

The iconic Gothenburg gasklocka (gasometer) in silhouette (together with a small partner) against a very technicolor sunrise – the sun tinting the undersides of the clouds. Photo taken from Göta Älvsbron. … Continue readingSunrise over gasometers

Charles Felix Lindberg with young femnist scarf

Re-dress the gents

Yesterday Swedish Young Feminists set out to re-dress male statues across the country.

Above, one of the wrestling Bältesspännare got a pink Rambo headband.
Below, Charles Felix Lindberg was kitted out with a stylish scarf.
Bottom, the American eagle at the foot of John Eriksson’s statue also got a scarf. Eriksson himself was kitted out with a pink cardigan as a loincloth, but the light wasn’t good enough for a decent photo.

The Young Feminists (Unga feminister – linked to the Swedish political party Feminist Initiative) carried out their action in a number of towns across Sweden, dressing up statues of males in pink. This was partly to draw attention to the number of male statues contra female statues in public places, partly to promote themselves. See their pictures of the action on Twitter (#1000ungafeminister) and on Instagram @ungafeminister. … Continue readingRe-dress the gents

A Hidden Treasure 3

A hidden treasure

Photos at an Exhibition!

An exhibition of hidden treasure: 50 restored works of turn-of-the-century (19th/20th) art from the donation of Gustaf Werner to the city of Gothenburg. The donation was made in 1958 but the collection has previously been seen only by a few people at the Werner Villa at Parkgatan 25. Exhibition includes art by Liljefors, Josephson, Zorn, Larsson, Kruger, Edelfelt, Munch and Courbet.
Continue readingA hidden treasure