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Sign of spring

Sign of spring

[dot_recommends] This time of year everyone’s on the look out for signs of spring – anything to let us believe the winter will soon be over. One sure sign isContinue readingSign of spring

Heart and Flowers

Valentine’s Day

[dot_recommends] Outside a florist’s (Fiori) in Örgryte, Valentine’s Day 2013. A sieve in the form of a heart behind a small pot with blue flowers. The sheepskin on the benchContinue readingValentine’s Day

Child's bicycle with broken chain

Unchained joy chained

[dot_recommends] This colourful child’s bicycle represents joy, but the chain has come off. Joy, though unchained, without a chain is yet chained. Or maybe it’s just another sign of firstContinue readingUnchained joy chained

Shadow of a skylift cradle

Going up?

[dot_recommends] Shadow of the gondola of a boom lift (sky lift) on a wall at Angered Gymnasium.

Pinhole - woman with pram

Through the hole

[dot_recommends] The temptation to try taking a photo through a hole I found bored in a lamp-post was too great to resist. It took a while before a subject crossedContinue readingThrough the hole

Dino feet

Dino feet

[dot_recommends] The feet of a full-size (model) dinosaur advertising an exhibition at the Universeum at Korsvägen. You can see a bit of the poster that was also used reflected inContinue readingDino feet

Victor Hasselblad

Victor Hasselblad

Gothenburg’s most famous photographical son. [dot_recommends] He stands near the entrance to the Hasselblad Centre in Gothenburg’s Art Museum. Dressed for the weather and carrying one of the cameras heContinue readingVictor Hasselblad