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Flora in a bicycle helmet with ears

Flora with a hat in the rain

[dot_recommends] Flora is a statue by the sculptor Ivar Johnsson and she stands on Floras kulle (Flora’s hillock) just outside the old city. Actually, she’s the main feature in aContinue readingFlora with a hat in the rain

Schillerska's facebook: the 2011 intake

Schillerska school’s facebook

[dot_recommends] Schillerska gymnasium (upper secondary/senior high school) has taken to displaying the faces of each year’s intake as stencilled graffiti on this utility building in the carpark. A kind ofContinue readingSchillerska school’s facebook

Autumn flowers in a black jug

Autumn flowers in a black jug


Kristina – photographer in action

If I describe this as “in action” will that excuse the motion blur on Kristina’s camera?

Floating leaf with water drops

Floating leaf with water-drops

Autumn light over moss

Autumn light over moss

[dot_recommends] One from the archives. Looking over the upper lake at Sl├Ątta damm.

Pinhole - woman with pram

Through the hole

[dot_recommends] The temptation to try taking a photo through a hole I found bored in a lamp-post was too great to resist. It took a while before a subject crossedContinue readingThrough the hole