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Gothenburg scene

Gothenburg scenes

From the November archives – two typical Gothenburg scenes.
Above: A blue tram passing by in the street, viewed through a rain spotted window.
Below: A blue bus and headlights reflected from a wet street. … Continue readingGothenburg scenes

Orange parallels

Orange parallels

Two orange lights reflected in the rain-splashed pavement make a pair of parallel lines on Fredsgatan. … Continue readingOrange parallels

Wet pavement

Still summer?

The lights of shops on Kungsgatan reflected in the wet pavement of Harry Hjörnes Plats, and a pair of sandles that wail: But it’s still summer! … Continue readingStill summer?

Differently patterned umbrellas

Differently patterned

Three umbrellas, each differently patterned, waiting to cross the road at the corner of Parkgatan and Kungsportsavenyen. … Continue readingDifferently patterned


Making a dash

A sudden downpour over Fredsgatan – some people are prepared, others resigned, one makes a dash. … Continue readingMaking a dash



One of the antique trams running on the Lisebergslinjen – the Liseberg funfair line. Despite rain and threatening clouds, flags flying bravely (blue and yellow for Sweden, blue and white for Gothenburg). … Continue readingLisebergslinjen



A sudden rainfall – the rain splashing on paving stones and bouncing off again under bench illuminated by a light under the seat – outside the refurbished library at Götaplatsen. … Continue readingRainfall