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A touch of pink

A touch of pink

Pink is the election colour of Feministiskt initiativ (Fi or F!) Sweden’s left-of-centre feminist political party. These Fi election workers were kind enough to pose for me in the rain at Brunnsparken so I can add a touch of pink to this photoblog. Fi are one of the ‘alternative’ parties attracting a deal of attention in the run-up to the EU parliamentary election on 25th May. The most recent poll has them at just over 3% nationally, and they need 4% to stand a chance of sending MEPs to Brussels. … Continue readingA touch of pink

Striped gloves in the rain

Striped gloves in the rain

A pair of striped gloves lost in the rain near the Lundby sports stadium on Hisingen … Continue readingStriped gloves in the rain

Flowering magnolias in the rain

Flowering magnolia in the rain

Two young magnolia trees in the park off Kronhusgatan, blossoming in yesterday morning’s April rain.

My eyesight is not what it was (and, let’s face it, it never was great). At a distance I thought these were cherry trees or apple trees in blossom, but closer inspection showed they were flowering magnolia. … Continue readingFlowering magnolia in the rain

Bedraggled crow

Rain-bedraggled crow

A rain-bedraggled crow in the branches of a budding birch tree. Sun (see yesterday’s photo) is one aspect of the spring, the other is April showers – or in this case a solid drizzle that seems set to go on all day. … Continue readingRain-bedraggled crow

Wet out West

Wet out west

[dot_recommends] Above: Girl with rain-wet hair selling rain ponchos and ear plugs outside Way out West. I’m guessing that’s a sample of her wares she’s wearing too. Below: Umbrellas areContinue readingWet out west

Sudden rainfall


[dot_recommends] A flash of lightning, a roll of thunder and a cloudburst clears the outdoor serving area of Restaurang Ritz on Stora Nygatan. I took this about a week ago,Continue readingCloudburst

Child's bicycle with broken chain

Unchained joy chained

[dot_recommends] This colourful child’s bicycle represents joy, but the chain has come off. Joy, though unchained, without a chain is yet chained. Or maybe it’s just another sign of firstContinue readingUnchained joy chained