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No Smoking In My Opinion!

[dot_recommends] No Smoking IMO (above) An oil tanker (possibly called Dreggen, and with a very visible notice) in dock at Gothenburg’s oil port. Hiss-ingen (below) Hisingen is the name ofContinue readingNo Smoking In My Opinion!

May Day flags and banners

The Social Democrats’ 2013 May Day parade (demonstration?) to Götaplatsen. Flags … [dot_recommends] … banners … [dot_recommends] … and international flags. [dot_recommends]

The flotilla in the glasshouse

The flotilla in the glasshouse

Götaälv's bridge open

Göta river’s bridge open

The raised bridge framed by the entrance to Gothenburg’s opera house [dot_recommends] The central section of the bridge over the Göta river in Gothenburg can be raised to allow shipsContinue readingGöta river’s bridge open

Building the Book Fair

Building the Book Fair

[dot_recommends] This picture makes it look more organised and less chaotic than it seemed at the time. This is only picture I took during the building process that is remotelyContinue readingBuilding the Book Fair

Heart and leaf

Heart and leaf

[dot_recommends] On the bicycle path.

Drottningtorget - I am so worth this

I am so worth this

I am so worth this!

This isn’t staged, I photographed the cup as I found it. … Continue readingI am so worth this